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Seven tips for style of Serena van der Woodsen

2022-09-28 23:19:35 | 4444

 After six seasons of glamorous fashion, style, parties and intrigues, the popular series "Gossip Girl is completed. But it leaves a great stylish heritage and we have to take advantage of it.

Shoes, clothes, accessories and combinations of the series may have seemed quite modernistic, but we see that in a few years they became one of the latest fashion trends.

Here we will look at the eternal style of Serena van der Woodsen -  the girl whose wardrobe is always immaculate.

And heres what we learned from the style of the character of Blake Lively - Serena:


1. Short skirts

When you have such long legs, it is normal to love any short clothes. Ladies with long legs can also make use of ultra short shorts and skirts that emphasize their perfect silhouette. And for an additional effect, select high-heeled shoes or sandals.


2. Boots

The boots were as a fetish for Serena, who wore them at every opportunity. You also can follow her style by combining high boots with multicolored leggings.You can take advantage of what is known as "layering" of clothes, which is perfect for the cold winter days.


3. Hats

During this time of the year, the hat is a perfect accessory which to complete your daily vision.You can add a small dose of extravagance. It is better to combine it with a spectacular jacket or coat.


4. A plaid skirt

In the first season of "Gossip Girl" in her school years, Serena often chose a plaid skirts. If you want to return to those sweet years, bet on such a skirt model. In combination with black leather jacket youll be even more chic.


5. Coats

Who says that you can not be elegant, even if the temperature outside are below zero? The stylish character often wore thick coats without losing a drop of her charm. In most cases, the perfect combination is coat, thick tights or leggings, scarf and a large handbag.


6. Oxford shoes

Once youve worn this shoe model, you will not want to take them off. Comfortable casual shoes are an ideal choice for the cool weather and they can be easily combined with different types of outfits.


7. Heeled shoes

Nothing can stand on the way of a lady with high heels. Choose comfortable models with straps or platform to hold your feet steadily and you can wear them in your everyday life.

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