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How to choose a sweater according to your figure?

2022-10-06 18:25:06 | 3574

 Do you know how to choose the right sweater, which to highlight the advantages and hide  disadvantages of your figure, at the same time?

 No matter what is the form and figure of a person, the most important thing in womens clothing is to dress according to your body. The smaller or larger size of the clothes will never make your figure to look better.


And since it is still cold, we will look here which sweaters suit to the different types of figure and how to choose the perfect sweater properly.


A "pear” shaped figure

For women with a "pear" shaped figure (or also known as a triangle) is better to create a balance between the upper part of the body, which is narrower, and the lower one, which is wider. Women with such body shape need to add volume at the upper part. Appropriate sweaters for those ladies are models with volume and high turtleneck collar or wide poncho sweaters. Suitable sweaters are those which are having some accent in the area of ​​the shoulders, because it also creates volume at the top.


An “inverted triangle" figure

For ladies who have "inverted triangle" type of figure, is good to wear sweaters that do not have many accents deflecting the attention from wider shoulders. The best sweater for them is this with a V-neck. Other suitable models are those of a "hug me" type,  because the emphasis in them is on the waist and neckline. Ladies with such a figure can bet on models with sleeves that widen from the elbow down. It is better to avoid sweaters with a heavier knitting or weaved of thick yarn because they can add unwanted volume at the top.


A "banana" shaped figure

Ladies with "banana" shaped figure (or rectangle) should strive to impart curves of their body. Suitable sweaters for them are sleeveless or with one bare shoulder. Thus obtained asymmetry and their body will look with much better. They can emphasize the waist with a belt over a sweater, which is a good accent. Another good choice are ladies vests type "hold me" and sweaters with oval or V-neck.


An "hourglass” shaped figure

The ladies who have an "hourglass" shaped figure can wear almost every type of clothes and they will look good on them. In sweaters this is also true, but there are some exceptions. For this figure sweater with a "boat" or oval neckline are not very suitable. They can bet on models with V-neck and vests type "hug me".


An "apple" shaped figure

Women who have an "apple" shaped figure (diamond), have narrower shoulders and legs and plumper waist and hips. In most cases, these ladies want to conceal a few extra centimeters in the middle of the body. Suitable models for them are those of poncho type. They can bet on longer and flared vests and sweaters with a massive collar. It is better to avoid sweaters that have a focus in the middle of the body and those with big knitting.


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