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Suitable colors for blondes

2017-01-19 23:22:49 | 1704

 Some fashion experts advise the shades of the clothes to be selected depending on the skin tone, others say it is better to emphasize the eye color. We must mention, however, that the hair color is very important, too. There are colors which suit better on women with blonde hair and others which are trade mark on dark haired. Here, we will examine  which colors are suitable for blondes.


Emerald green


The colors of the gems are the right choice for the ladies with fair hair. Among these colors can be found the beautiful emerald color that fits them superbly. For colder months a beautiful coat in current color would be a perfect choice. If you want to bring extra sparkle in your vision, you can combine and makeup in similar shades.


Royal blue


This color is suitable for natural blondes with blue or green eyes, as the clothes in that color can make your eyes stand out even more. This shade of blue is a bit bright, but also classic, so do not hesitate to bet on it.




This year Metallic is very modern. Silver, gold, bronze and pink gold - all preferred colors in clothing this season. And blondes can bring even more sparkle in his vision with this color by choosing metallic jacket for example. Approaching the New Year  holidays, a sparkling golden dress in tone with the festive mood would be a great choice.


Fiery red


Some argue that the red color doesn’t look good on blondes. This statement is completely wrong, however. This color can create a very interesting contrast, especially if your hair is in ashy shades. So blondes, do not be afraid to bet on that color. With the right attitude and a dose of daring, a fiery red dress can turn you into a true goddess.




This is one of the fashion colors this year, which is suitable for  blondes. Clothes in soft powdery shades can highlight the bright hair, especially if it is in a golden shades. You will not go wrong if you combine clothes from different powdery shades. You will look great, no matter that your clothes are in one color.


Sparkling white


The classic white can give you the freedom to experiment with accessories and make-up. There is no better choice than white, if you want to emphasize your bronze tan.  It is a great choice for natural blondes with fair skin. Bet on clean white dress with long sleeves to look like a real ice queen.

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