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Item No: 112255 Brand: VmZona Composition: Delivery: 48 часа

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 Antiviral effect, bacterial filtration, dust resistance and other effects.

Particularly suitable for occasions containing organic gases, acid volatiles, pesticides, SO2, Cl2 and other irritant gases.
Effectively stops floating dust below 5um and various germs transmitted by the airways.
It effectively blocks harmful gases such as gasoline, ammonia, formaldehyde, odor and bad breath in the air.
It can effectively trap harmful substances and improve air quality in highly polluted environments.
The price is for 1pc. adult size filter:
length 12 cm
width 8 cm.
In addition, 3-layer masks with a special pocket for these filters can be offered.
Dont wash!
A maximum of 2 weeks is used depending on the contaminated environment.
One week is recommended.
The filter uses a unique 5-layer activated carbon protection system that helps to filter out particulate matter and bacteria that are harmful to the body.
Only charcoal filter masks stop pathogenic viruses.
More than 6 types of filters were compared during the study.
Already proven: Activated carbon in the protective mask can only stop pathogenic viruses.
The remaining masks showed complete infiltration of viruses.
What are the features and benefits of activated carbon?
Safe to use.
Ideal protective product for medical, chemical and sanitary use.
Category: Women Subcategory: DESIGNER ACCESSORIES Type: SAFETY ACCESSORIES Composition: Brand: VmZona

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