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1. According to the General Terms of the platform for electronic trade and in compliance with the Law on Consumer Protection (LCP), you have the right to refuse the purchased products within 14 days after the date on which, you received the goods.
2. If you wish to return goods, please, contact us through the form for contacts or by e-mail:
3. Send us your e-mail account, the number of the order and the reason due to which, you want to return one or several products.
4. Immediately after we receive your request, we will confirm it to your e-mail and/or by phone and will send a courier to take the products from you.
5. After we receive the products, we will check whether they correspond to the original condition and type in which they were sold to you and we will inform you if we find some possible discrepancies reducing their value.
6. If you wish to have a replacement of one or several products, please, make a new order with the products desired by you and we will contact you.
7. If you wish to have a refund of the sum, we will send a courier to pay to you the value of the returned products. The term for refunding the sum of money to you is not later than 14 days after the date on which you inform us about your decision to refuse the products.
8. If the claim is due to found shortages, unspecified defects of the products, inconsistence with the declared dimensions or inconsistence with the declared trademark, the courier expenses shall be covered by us.
9. In all other cases, we deduct from the sum of money due to you the cost of 1 courier service (for collecting the products from you) to a value equal to the price of the delivery to your settlement.