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Item No : Кръстоносните походи: реликви и чудеса ТК

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 The book of Dr. Kalin Yordanov will introduce the reader in another historical and cultural environment. It actually considered classic Crusade period of XII to XIII c., But it is far from the traditional enumeration and interpretation of battles, clashes with local people, atrocities, colonization and others. like. The book introduces us to the world of Crusader relics and miracles, their real or virtual existence, the attitude of "armed pilgrims" them "sacred theft" of shrines, their fate in a new environment and many more such "non-traditional" subjects. The author belongs to that generation Bulgarian historians, which I am convinced will bring Bulgarian historical knowledge and taste of the reading public to gotten lost European standards and values. We rely on them to educate readers demanding to historical read, to convince them that serious historical work is not necessarily boring and combines interest in the historical process with its in-depth understanding.

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