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Which trends are not suitable for work?

2022-09-28 21:28:15 | 10511

 Although we always want to be into fashion trends, wehave to admit that some of them are not very suitable for the working environment.

Here are some of the clothing which not make a good impression in the office:

1. The clothes which you wear at home

It’s needless to say that all womens clothes that remind you of home, such as sports trousers, flip-flops or shorts, are not suitable for your workplace.


2. Too short clothes

Skirts, dresses that are too short won’t leave a good impression on your colleagues and we even won’t mention the shorts. Short lengths are for your leisure time. There is a limit to everything and the best solution for you is to bet on knee length skirts, for example.


3. Excessive extravagance

There are some work places where the color of your nail polish is even mentioned in the rules. Even if your work place is not so strict, there are some limits. It all depends of the place, but in most offices, neon hair and orange nail polish will not be suitable. On this way you will make an impression just with them rather than your qualities.


4. Clothes for a party

Even if youre in love with your new red dress with short sleeves, the office is not the most appropriate place to wear it, perhaps. Put it on Friday night when you will go out with friends on club. This also applies to long summer dresses with colorful prints that will look great near the beach, but not in the office.


5. Revealing clothes

Too low waists and transparent materials is better to beavoided in the work environment. Low wasted and tight womens trousers are not a good idea, and not to mention that they are not in vogue for some time. Bet on normal or high waist, which is up to date in the moment.


6. The most inappropriate clothes

Here we talk about transparent blouses with revealed back, bustier tops, deep neckline and the like. Each overcoat that is too naked, is not suitable for your work place. With such a vision it will seem like you want to attract attention (especially of your male colleagues). Believe me, you will certainly get attention, but it won’t be positive. All clothes that require to wear a push up or strapless bra, are definitely not suitable.

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