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Which ladies clothes men do not like?

2022-09-28 15:09:40 | 12014

 There are some clothes that ladies love to wear, but gentlemen do not understand why. Of course, there are some clothes which the men like very much, but here well look at those which are weird and unpractical for them, but in most cases they do not tell anything.

Here you will find which are these ladies clothes:


1. Sequins

 The men just do not understand the sequins or other similar decorations on womens clothes. According to them, these things haven’t got a place on the clothing.


2. Too short skirts

That may sounds strange, but gentlemen are not fans of  "belt" type skirts which are too short and cover absolutely nothing. It is better to leave something on their imagination.


3. Tights with shorts

Men just do not understand the combination of shorts and tights. In their minds the tights have to be worn in the winter and shorts in the summer.


4. LongT-shirt dress

T-shirts or shirts which are so long that you wear them as dresses, are also a mystery to the men. They wonder whether this is a shirt or dress,  and if it is a shirt, why you don’t wear trousers ...


5. Barbie’s clothing

The gentlemen do not like the pink clothes which remind of the Barbie’swardrobe, and they do not consider them as sexy. There are some more pleasant shades of pink color.


6. Leggings

Yes, you certainly do not expect this.The men say that according to them womens leggings are too revealing and they do not leave much to the imagination. They do not like the wide trousers, too. According to men these trousers spoil the female figure.


7. Ribbons

The men do not like womens clothes adorned with curls, ribbons and any similar things. Unlike the women, they do not find them cute.


8. Big boots

The men don’t like these fluffy boots, which some ladies like so much. They consider them for something that Eskimos would wear in the biggest frosts.


9. Baggy clothes

The men do not understand the meaning of too baggy ladies clothes or ripped jeans of which almost nothing is left. Why you have to wear jeans, when the half of your legs will be on display?


10. Boots with platform and high heel

Womens leather boots with both platform and very high heels are considered by men as quite coarse and remind them of shoes that the exotic dancers wear.

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