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How to wear poncho?

2022-09-26 05:07:39 | 2953

 Over the past few years in the autumn-winter fashion seasons poncho is extremely topical. Its comfort and warmth are irreplaceable during the cold days. Here you will find a few tips and ideas how to wear your poncho this season.


The poncho womens clothing, which is associated mainly with a casual style, but thanks to the fashion trends it fascinates the style of the autumn-winter season. Its advantage is that it is warm and comfortable, but its unusual style can create very interesting visions. Besides the traditional asymmetrical model, current models are the type of cloak or long scarf that can be styled in different ways. If youre a fan of Boho style you can bet on poncho with fringes. If you want a business vision you can combine it with trousers or skinny jeans in a classic color like beige or gray. You can bet on ankle boots or boots over the knee, which are perfect in combination with poncho.


Poncho with a skirt

Regardless of the skirt style and length, you can wear your poncho with it. This creates a sense of layers and your vision looks more interesting. You have to avoid long skirts. Midi length skirt is also a good option, but you need to combine it with proper boots.


Poncho with jeans

This is perhaps the most common combination. For the office you can combine it with skinny jeans and a pair of classic high heels. Combine the poncho with Charleston jeans type for a more casual look. With these jeans you will be in step with the latest trends - the style of the 70s, which is particularly topical at the moment.


Poncho with shorts 

Its irregular and unusual combination, but it is perfect for the late winter or early autumn. This vision is perfect for weekends by combining poncho with denim shorts, sneakers and socks to the knee.


Poncho in the office

The poncho can successfully replace the jacket or vest in the office. You have to choose a neutral color and appropriate fabric. Bet on classic model in colors like black, gray, white or beige, and it’s better to avoid big knits and fringes. You can combine it with ladies shirt and narrow trousers.



You can add a belt at the waist. On this way you will chance the style of your poncho. It is preferable belt to be wider. If there is no collar on the poncho you can add a spectacular scarf. The wide-brimmed hat is a perfect addition to your vision. If you want to add jewelry, bet on long necklaces and volume bracelets.

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