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Five tips for winter style of Blair Waldorf

2022-09-26 22:29:55 | 4427

 After we looked at unforgettable style of Serena van der Woodsen, its time to pay deserved attention to the queen Blair Waldorf. Although the Gossip Girl ended, the series continues to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for women who want to be stylish.

The character of Leighton Meester - Blair Waldorf has measured style, classic but with interesting and bold accents.

Here are some of the best and unforgettable visions that we saw her in the series:


1. Checkered coat

A checkered coat in black and white can be well combined with tights or leggings. In the vision of Blair we could see it combined with beautiful lace tights in the same range, which brings more luxury to the outfit. In this vision it is good to bet on accessories. Shoes and handbag can be in a different color.


2. A cloak


If youre bored from the classic coat, but want something practical for your daily round, follow the style of Blair Waldorf and bet on cloak type model. It is definitely worth as an investment, and you will probably wear it for years, so choose a coat in classic color. If youre more courageous as the heroine of "Gossip Girl", you can bet on a bright and memorable color as green or red.


3. Royal blue

 Why don’t you dare to take a coat in your favorite blue? It may be quite bold color, but it can be easily combined with almost everything. Take advantage of one of the latest trends for the season and bet on womens coat in royal blue, certainly you will not go unnoticed.


4. Mustard and cream colour

Who would suggest that so many years after the series, the color of mustard would be again on the top of fashion trends? It has become a real hit, and it can be well combined with typical winter colors like gray, black and brown. A cream-colored shades are so suitable for the winter, they can easily to replace the typical black. A cream coat can be combined with spectacular tights and handbag in red. A pair of womens shoes in bright color prove that you can be modern, stylish and stand out from the crowd with black and brown boots.


5. Combination black-red-black

Who said that this combination is outdated? Quite the opposite - this combination is a classic that guarantees elegance and style. And if you want to add a drop of modernism, bet on red in bright shade.

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