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How to waterproof your shoes

2022-09-28 09:56:47 | 3368

 Is it possible to make your shoes waterproof during the cold and rainy days? Of course, there are many products that you can use against leakage of water, but there are some alternative ways to deal with available materials by yourself.


You should pay attention to the stuff which the shoes are made. If they are made of woven fabric, snakeskin or suede you have to take care of their water resistance before you put them on for the first time. These materials can be easily damaged in contact with water. Thin fabrics like soft genuine leather or the eco one, also should be protected with a special product. If the shoes are made of leather it is not so necessarily, as in the above-mentioned.


It is compulsory not to treat your shoes if they are made of patent leather, or have any additions like sequins or stones, because they as can be easily damaged. The same goes for those who are fluffy or have moss on them. It should be known that the misuse can change the color of the material or to damage its structure. Thats why it is better to pre-test on a small area. For the soft leather the best are oils, shoe-polishes and beeswax that can be rubbed into the shoes with a soft, dry cloth. For fabrics such as suede, silk and snakeskin, the suitable product is the spray.


First you need to make sure that your shoes are clean. If your shoes are brand new, take a clean cloth and gently wipe the shoes on top to make sure that there  isn’t left any dust or some dirt on the surface. If they are old leather shoes that have been treated before, it is important to thoroughly to clean the previous layer to avoid accumulation. The shoes must be completely dry before applying the new waterproof film.


There is a way even your ordinary sandals and sneakers also to be waterproof. You need normal white candle or a piece of beeswax. You have to rub thoroughly the entire surface of the shoe. Pay attention to the areas around zippers, buckles, ties and seams. At the beginning the color of fabric probably will change, but don’t be scared. You just have to melt the rubbed wax for about 5 minutes with a hairdryer. On that way it will become transparent, forming a fine protective film on the shoe and will prevent the entry of water.

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