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What jeans are fashionable this season

2022-09-28 17:56:53 | 3403

 Denim clothes are irreplaceable part of the wardrobe of almost every woman. They are ideal for everyday life because of their comfort and style. Each season, however, there are some models of jeans and denim clothes that are more topical. Heres which they are this season:


Skinny jeans

After a short absent from the catwalks, skinny jeans are back. Quite modern are long and those with a length just over the ankles. They can be well combined with boots above the ankle and a silk blouse with long sleeves. These models are more suitable for women with thin legs and narrow hips.


Jeans with flared pant legs

These jeans are ideal for everyday life. Usually they are with a high waist and can be well combined with a short top. The best part is that they can lengthen the figure visually. They are suitable for the brave ladies who love to experiment with different styles.


Jeans with floral motifs

Basically, floral motifs are a trademark for the summer months, but not in this fashion season. Jeans with colorful embroidery and floral elements are current in the colder months, too. Its nice to be combined with a simple and plain overcoat. In the winter you can combine them with boots above the ankle.


Flared jeans

One of the latest trends for autumn-winter season are the jeans that are wider from the knee down, or so called flared jeans. Returning from the 70s, these ladies jeans are the perfect way to add some curves of your body. These models can be well combine with ankle up boots. If you add a jacket or blazer, you will get the perfect sport-elegant look, ideal for the office, too.


Jeans with patchwork

Patchwork jeans are really modern at the moment. They are suitable for more casual style, and it’s well to combine them with a T-shirt and sneakers. In these models the pant legs are usually decorated with denim in several different shades. It creates the illusion that they are made of many different pieces. There are some models which are mix of fabrics, denim, silk and cotton, for example.


Ripped jeans

This may not be the most practical trend for this season, but ripped jeans are very topical, especially among the younger women. This trend may add some slightly careless touch of the elegant combinations. If you think that it’s too cold for ripped jeans, you can always put under them  interesting leggings, which will be visible through the holes.

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