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Eight ideas for winter office clothing

2022-09-26 04:26:56 | 2858

 Sometimes the choice of a suitable toilet for work can be difficult, especially when temperatures are freezing outside and we can not compromise with practicality and warmth.

Of course, there are many ways that we can look professional even in the cold weather without sacrificing anything. Corporative dress code is often more strict than everyday clothes, but if we properly combine clothes, anything is possible.

Here are some ideas to inspire you for your office clothes in winter:


Coat with print

Perhaps the most compulsory part of the winter clothes is the womans coat. And why you don’t make it a bit more interesting and playful? Select a bold print that will breathe in new life into the classic office look.


Turtleneck sweater

Turtleneck sweaters are quite topical, and very practical for the cold winter days. Such models can be easily combined with the strict ladies trousers which are preferred in a business society. A good idea is to choose clothes made of natural fabrics, and if you bet on cashmere – you can bring an additional touch of style to your vision.


Long coat

If you do not want the accent of the coat to be on its color or prints, and prefer to stick to more traditional one-color models, you can choose a different accent. The asymmetrical lengths and layering of the clothes are quite modern now.


Red accessories

Accessories are undoubtedly the things which could change each vision. With the addition of only one accessory you can breathe in life, even to the most strict vision. Cheeky red remains a timeless classic in color.


Bold color

When we talk about winter clothes, our coat is the first thing which the other people notice. This is the greatest accent in our vision. You could bet on bold colors like red, orange, magenta, and why not electric blue.


Knitting top to bottom

It is a myth that the combination of knitted sweater and skirt is only for weekends. If you choose the right top and bottom of your clothing, you can be more than adequately dressed in office. And you surely will not be cold.


Trousers with dress

In the summer of last year the major effect was the layering of clothes, and  it currently also continue to hold leading positions in the trends of the season. Do not hesitate to put on dress over your trousers for example - the effect is quite interesting.



In a business society the knitted hat may seem a little unprofessional, but at that time of the year the most important thing is not to feel cold, you can simply replace the model of this warm accessory. Select a classic beret which will finish your business clothes.

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