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Things that you must have in your winter wardrobe

2022-09-28 11:43:29 | 11648

 It’s winter outside, but it does not mean that you should only choose clothes that keep you warm. We can achieve this without denying our stylish look. If you want to be warm on your clothes and to look perfect at the same time, here are seven elements that must be in your winter collection this year:


1. Socks above the knee

They are elegant and comfortable, and are great alternative to the ordinary socks. They can be  easily combined with other things in your vision, regardless of color, design or fabric. They look very well if you wear tights with boots, and provide extra warmth in winter.


2. Bright coat

A woolen coat in winter is not only stylish but also warm. Besides the classic shades in ladies coats in the winter season 2016/17, the bright colors are modern, too. With such models you will not only protect youself from the cold, but you will add a drop of serene mood in the winter days.


3. Knitted dress

A knitted dress with long sleeves is super current this season is. It can be  not only warm, but also very comfortable, so you should get at least one model.


4. Free knitted sweater

You should have at least one warm, comfortable and free sweater in your wardrobe. This year, designers are betting on stylish bright sweaters, which are full of decorative details and are wider in the shoulders. Such models stand great with almost any sport-elegant skirt, trousers and of course with womens boots above the knee.


5. Big scarf

A warm scarf is compulsory women accessory for this season. And you can emphasize your style in a more interesting way if you want to stand out. It can stand perfectly in combination with a cardigan, sweater with a dropped neckline, leather jacket or coat.


6. Poncho


What better symbol of Parisian style of winter poncho? It is a universal garment that can be worn in combination with almost any other element of your wardrobe during the winter. Select a poncho in black, light brown, dark blue, beige or reddish shades. If you want to add an extra element of elegance to your vision, bet on a poncho with collar or hood.


7. Bright sports shoes

In winter we used generally to wear neutral colors like white, brown and black, especially when we talk about shoes. This year, however, you may bet on the brighter colors. With casual shoes in bright shade you will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd.

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