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Which trends are not suitable for work?

Although we always want to be into fashion trends, wehave to admit that some of them are not very suitable for the working environment. Here are some of the clothing which not make a good impression in the office:

2022-09-26 12:35:03 | 10502 Read more

Which ladies clothes men do not like?

There are some clothes that ladies love to wear, but gentlemen do not understand why. Of course, there are some clothes which the men like very much, but here well look at those which are weird and unpractical for them, but in most cases they do not tell anything.

2022-09-26 07:45:50 | 12008 Read more

How to wear poncho?

Over the past few years in the autumn-winter fashion seasons poncho is extremely topical. Its comfort and warmth are irreplaceable during the cold days. Here you will find a few tips and ideas how to wear your poncho this season.

2022-09-26 05:07:39 | 2952 Read more

Five tips for winter style of Blair Waldorf

After we looked at unforgettable style of Serena van der Woodsen, its time to pay deserved attention to the queen Blair Waldorf. Although the “Gossip Girl” ended, the series continues to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for women who want to be stylish.

2022-09-26 11:53:45 | 4425 Read more

Seven tips for style of Serena van der Woodsen

After six seasons of glamorous fashion, style, parties and intrigues, the popular series "Gossip Girl” is completed. But it leaves a great stylish heritage and we have to take advantage of it. Shoes, clothes, accessories and combinations of the series may have seemed quite modernistic, but we see that in a few years they became one of the latest fashion trends. Here we will look at the eternal style of Serena van der Woodsen - the girl whose wardrobe is always immaculate

2022-09-26 04:26:56 | 4437 Read more

How to waterproof your shoes

Is it possible to make your shoes waterproof during the cold and rainy days? Of course, there are many products that you can use against leakage of water, but there are some alternative ways to deal with available materials by yourself.

2022-09-26 04:26:56 | 3363 Read more

What jeans are fashionable this season

Denim clothes are irreplaceable part of the wardrobe of almost every woman. They are ideal for everyday life because of their comfort and style. Each season, however, there are some models of jeans and denim clothes that are more topical. Heres which they are this season:

2022-09-26 04:26:57 | 3396 Read more

Eight ideas for winter office clothing

Sometimes the choice of a suitable toilet for work can be difficult, especially when temperatures are freezing outside and we can not compromise with practicality and warmth. Of course, there are many ways that we can look professional even in the cold weather without sacrificing anything. Corporative dress code is often more strict than everyday clothes, but if we properly combine clothes, anything is possible. Here are some ideas to inspire you for your office clothes in winter:

2022-09-26 04:26:56 | 2857 Read more

How to choose a sweater according to your figure?

Do you know how to choose the right sweater, which to highlight the advantages and hide disadvantages of your figure, at the same time? No matter what is the form and figure of a person, the most important thing in womens clothing is to dress according to your body. The smaller or larger size of the clothes will never make your figure to look better.

2022-09-26 10:22:07 | 3545 Read more

Things that you must have in your winter wardrobe

It’s winter outside, but it does not mean that you should only choose clothes that keep you warm. We can achieve this without denying our stylish look. If you want to be warm on your clothes and to look perfect at the same time, here are seven elements that must be in your winter collection this year:

2022-09-26 04:26:57 | 11645 Read more

Suitable colors for brunettes

As we know there are colors that are more suitable for blondes, but there are others which are perfect for dark-haired ladies. With the right colors brunettes simply can not go unnoticed. The skin tones are very important, of course, but you will certainly find among these colors something which will match to your personal prefernces and style. Whether it will be bright or pastel shade, the important thing is the dark hair to stand out against the background color instead of losing or merges wit

2022-09-26 08:17:51 | 5173 Read more

How visually to shrink the waistline

Unfortunately, not every one of us is blessed to have a fine waist. Thats why there are some other fancy tricks which optically can "whittle" your waistline. It is not only important what kind of body you have, but whether you choose the right ladies clothing and accessories.

2022-09-24 09:34:30 | 6705 Read more

How to choose a leather jacket

The leather jacket is a compulsory element in almost every female wardrobe, and not only female. Do we always know how to choose the best womens jacket which fits us the best? And here are some subtleties and we collected some useful tips to help you choosing a leather jacket.

2022-09-25 12:50:58 | 3552 Read more

Modern coats this winter

Winter is here and degrees out fall lower and lower, and we need to think more about appropriate womens clothes that keep us warm during the cold months of the year. If you still wearing your old coat and do not have time for a shopping therapy, you do not have to wander the streets in freezing temperatures to find the most stylish coat. Here youll see some super stylish suggestions that you can easily get online, while you are sitting comfortably at your warm home.

2022-09-25 10:18:24 | 4166 Read more

Several stylish scarf tricks

One of the accessories that offers countless opportunities to bring mood, color and variety to every outfit is the scarf. Of course, you can use it as a stylish accent in the spring and summer, but the colder months are the time when we remember for this accessory. This is the time when we experiment with it and use it for different beautiful visions. Besides the many ways to tie a scarf in an interesting way, you can use it as a stylish addition to the other accessories. Here are some ideas:

2022-09-20 10:00:45 | 1691 Read more

Required elements in underwear

Lingerie is not only necessary, but also a kind of self-expression. It could be said that it is almost as important as the clothes you wear on it. And when you are going to a special occasion or just want to feel feminine and desirable, you always turn to your favorite pair of luxurious satin bikini or to bra from fine French lace.

2022-09-16 08:08:54 | 1513 Read more

The dresses that every woman should have

The dress is one of womens clothing that most strongly emphasizes the femininity. As trends go, and modern visions, colors and fabrics change, however a well chosen dress will always be in fashion. There are different models depending on the occasion, and you should have a suitable dress in your wardrobe. Here you can see what are the dresses that every woman is good to have:

2022-09-16 05:57:35 | 3012 Read more

Trends in colors of autumn-winter 2016/17

Last trends, for already going autumn/winter fashion season, are full of contrasting combinations, however undoubtedly outfits in neutral colors are the most dominantly. The most attractive colors are full of variable shades, so there is something for everyone this season. And here is what the last trend says for colors in clothing for autumn-winter 2016/17:

2022-09-26 04:12:32 | 5178 Read more

How to wear velvet

Velvet is a classic material, but it can be difficult to combine. In spite of that it is one of the most current trends of autumn / winter 2016. If you do not want to look tawdry, there are some rules that you should observe. Thats why you can see here a few tips on how to combine velvet with your clothing :

2022-09-16 05:14:54 | 2212 Read more

The style of the 90s is back in fashion

The phrase "Everything new is well forgotten old" is absolutely true for the fashion industry. Every year, fashion designers find inspiration from various decades passed. Last year regained hippie spirit of the 70s, but this one the grunge style of the 90s is definitely back.

2022-09-23 08:44:03 | 1768 Read more

How to wear a long coat?

Winter is coming and it is always the same, your warm long coat is always the main clothe for the upcoming cold days. That’s why it is not so bad if it meets the latest fashion trends. This season long coat is one of the latest hits.

2022-09-25 17:53:26 | 9271 Read more

What tells about you the way you carry your handbag?

Each of us chooses to wear handbags differently. Some wear it on his elbow, the other in their hand, and some of us wear it on their shoulders. Some bet on bags backpack type, while others hold the bag like a barrier in front of their body. So, is there any link between how you carry your bag and what is your character? Perhaps. See what psychologists consider about this question:

2022-09-21 14:45:18 | 11840 Read more

Rules of office clothing

The way we dress at work, is an important element of the overall image, which we create into our colleagues mind. Shoes, clothes, accessories and makeup build our vision that we create in the workplace. Whatever you think, appearance is always something that makes impression. That is why there are a few rules of style in the office, which is good to know. And here they are:

2022-09-26 04:46:17 | 10691 Read more

How to wear sexy high boots

For all the ladies, having long and sexy legs, we have prepared several super modern chic proposals that could shine at the next party with the girls. Party girls or not, you are advised to take some ideas from the next top trends for fall-winter 2016. So this winter definitely on a pedestal are womens boots with a thin but long and elegant heels covering along the legs, even passing above the knee.

2022-09-26 04:46:06 | 9366 Read more

Suitable colors for blondes

Some fashion experts advise the shades of the clothes to be selected depending on the skin tone, others say it is better to emphasize the eye color. We must mention, however, that the hair color is very important, too. There are colors which suit better on women with blonde hair and others which are trade mark on dark haired. Here, we will examine which colors are suitable for blondes.

2022-09-24 23:00:55 | 8404 Read more

Handbag according to the zodiac sign

Your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your character, but it also might make you better understand your style. So, if you decide to buy a new handbag, take a look on your horoscope?

2022-09-23 23:42:13 | 9761 Read more

What color of clothes to lay down on a job interview

There are shades of colors that are not a good idea to wear on a job interview, because they can send wrong messages. A survey was made between employees and managers in the departments "Human Resources" of big companies and they were asked the question "What color is the most appropriate for a job interview?". According to the results most of them responded that they would hire a candidate wearing blue clothes. The most inadvisable color is the orange one. And heres what messages the other

2022-09-21 12:55:20 | 21657 Read more

What outerwear must we have in our wardrobe

When the winter is coming, our first investment must be a really nice coat. It is important to be comfortable, fashionable and to make us feel good because we wear it every day. Here are the models which worth to have.

2022-09-18 13:18:56 | 12112 Read more

The golden rules of style for modern ladies

There are women who manage to look as if they have a personal stylist, even in their daily routine. Sometimes we see a lady whose clothing and vision impress us so much, that we wonder "Whats her secret?” It doesn’t matter if she is dressed in black jeans, T-shirt and a large bag or will wear stylish ladies suit. In this case, the important thing is what impression her style leaves. There are three things that stylish ladies count on, if they want the impression to be positive - color combina

2022-09-23 16:03:58 | 8686 Read more

What should, every women over 30, have in her wardrobe

Youth years are years for experiments with the style, over twenties we want to be more provocative more sexy and that’s normal, but over thirties we should already found our own style for dressing. If that’s not happening to you already, there is nothing to worry about. You still have plenty of time to found everything you need for a stylish and classical wardrobe. There is a rule you should always remember – invest more in clothes that are always classics and less in those ones that will be

2022-09-22 01:03:45 | 9768 Read more

Rules for beautiful skin that every woman should know

Usually, after a certain age we begin to pay more attention to the signs of aging and become more careful with our skin care and beauty. Our skin is something we need to take special care and it is always good to start as earlier as possible.

2022-09-23 11:55:58 | 6231 Read more

Autumn lingerie trends

When you build your vision, you should always start with choosing the right lingerie. If, for example, you wear ethereal shirt, you can’t disregard that the bras should be denser. And if you do like the latest fashion trends where lingerie is on display, you can choose a model that has some spectacular detail and add the right top that reveals the correct dose flesh.

2022-09-16 21:25:29 | 3957 Read more

The length of the coat according your figure

It is very important in colder months to choose the right overcoat, because this is the final touch of your vision. Even if we usually wear jeans and sweater, or shirts and dresses, the combination with the right coat is crucial.

2022-09-23 04:38:25 | 5647 Read more

How to wear flat shoes and to look stunning

Oh, yes, the high hills can be really sexy. But if you have the right model of flat shoes, you can be sure, that the red carpet is right place for you. Do you need some proofs? Here are some cool suggestions, how to wear your favorite flat shoes.

2022-09-19 08:27:32 | 8563 Read more

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