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How to wear velvet

2017-01-19 12:30:17 | 1173

 Velvet is a classic material, but it can be difficult to combine. In spite of that it is one of the most current trends of autumn / winter 2016.


If you do not want to look tawdry, there are some rules that you should observe.Thats why you can see here a few tips on how to combine velvet with your clothing:


1. Do not wear velvet only


Not every material is suitable for dressing up and down, but the velvet is one of them. If you want to look really stylish you should combine velvet with other fabrics. It can be well combined with satin, denim, silk and even lace. A current combination for autumn / winter 2016 is a silk shirt with jeans and a velvet jacket. A velvet skirt can easily be combined with a plain white T-shirt for a fresh urban look.


2. Velvet accessories 


In case you have not worn velvet until now or youre not a big fan, but still want to take advantage of the latest fashion, you can start more cautiously. For starters you can bet on velvet bag or so modern choker necklaces. However, if youre a little more daring and you don’t want to play so safe, you can always start with a simple velvet blouse or skirt.


3. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors


We all know that the black color will always be in fashion. But when we talk about velvet, you do not have to think only black. Just the velvet can look super stylish on different colored clothes. Bet on burgundy, purple or deep dark blue for example.


How to care for your velvet clothes?


This fabric is not very easy to keep up, so it is good to pay particular attention. The surest way, of course, is to give it to the dry cleaning. There are some kinds of velvet, which can still be washed by hand, and even in the washing machine. If you want to be sure, however, you should check the labels of clothes.


If the clothes can be washed, it is recommended to dry them on hangers. It is also important not to iron the velvet. In  case that the clothes have any folds, you can use a vertical ironing machine, which smoothes the clothes with the help of steam. Or simply hang them in the bathroom and the steam from a hot shower will flatten them.