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The style of the 90s is back in fashion

2017-01-20 03:43:47 | 259

The phrase "Everything new is well forgotten old" is absolutely true for the fashion industry.

Every year, fashion designers find inspiration from various decades passed. Last year regained hippie spirit of the 70s, but this one the grunge style of the 90s is definitely  back.


We noticed how in the summer all celebrities go crazy on the gown style dress, inspired by the boudoir dress that Kate Moss has turned into a cult at the end of last century. Super-current choker necklaces are also well known from the time of the Spice Girls.


But this is not everything, of course. Here we are gathered a few trends that take us back to our favorite decade. If youre into vintage style of the 90s, see which of styles you can also take advantage today:



High-waisted jeans


It’s time the narrow jeans for women with very low waist to step aside the place of well-known models from the 90s. If you want to emphasize your feminine figure with them, you can combine them with other retro items like short-cut vest or body.


Short tops


Nothing can be combined so well with trousers or a skirt with a high waist as short tops, shirts and blouses. In contrast to the 90s, however, today the goal is not to show as much as possible of the abdomen, but just a slightly hint of bare skin.


Gown style dress


Rather fashion designers rediscovered this timeless model in their collections, and some even dedicated an entire collection of the light visions in white, black and ivory. Undoubtedly, this dress is a total hit of the season.


The velvet


Even if you are not fans of this matter you must to admit that it can bring a dose of luxury in your wardrobe. The velvet make its big comeback and can be found in the form of suits, skirts and even shoes.


Choker necklaces


We are sure that you remember the hit choker necklaces, tight-fitting neck that every girl was wearing. Today the models are quite varied, but they again amplified sex- appeal of any vision.


 The backpacks


Backpacks become a compulsory bags for the season by reminding us for the days when mini backpack was one of the dreamy accessories. With its comfort and soft fabrics and neutral colors, it fits perfectly in the autumn season.




Overalls, in fact, never left completely out of fashion. But this year they definitely conquered the fashion trends and many of the famous models literally turned them into their uniform.