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What tells about you the way you carry your handbag?

2017-01-20 10:37:27 | 896

 Each of us chooses to wear handbags differently. Some wear it on his elbow, the other in their hand, and some of us wear it on their shoulders. Some bet on bags backpack type, while others hold the bag like a barrier in front of their body. So, is there any link between how you carry your bag and what is your character? Perhaps. See what psychologists consider about this question:



Over the shoulder


You know how to balance and  cope equally well with your professional and personal life. You don’t like stress and avoid tense situations at all costs.  You love nature and try to escape from the city, whenever you can, because you just do not feel on the right place there. In everyday life you bet on sportswear. You prefer the classic combination of T-shirt, jeans and sports shoes.


Free on the shoulder


You do not mind busy everyday life and perfectly cope with any unforeseen situation that you come across. You like diversity and flexible working hours. You are a person that is very easy to communicate because you can talk on various topics. You like casual style, and combinations which you most often bet are: a sweater with a skirt, jeans with trench coat and jeans with a jacket.


 On the shoulder, but you always hold it up


If you carry your bag on your shoulder, but you always hold it with your hand, you are a direct person. You keep your work and sometimes it can be your only priority. You are often tense and it is hard for you to relax. Sometimes you overdo with control, especially at work. As a true professional you prefer elegant clothes. In your closet most often can be found dresses, skirts and suits.


In hand


If you carry your bag in hand, you are more introverts and even a little embarrassing.  You bet on security and not experiment much and prefer to surround yourself with a few but real friends. You are a workaholic and at work you are more restrained. You don’t mix personal and professional life and bet on simple accessories and formal clothes. In your clothes dominated the  neutral colors - black, beige, white.


On forearm


If you prefer to wear the bag on the forearm, you are a person who likes the power. You have a very strong personality and want the rest to know it. You want things to happen on your way, and sometimes you are capricious. Your preferred style is strict, but modern.You cleverly combine neutrals with bright colors and wear clothes with elegant and unusual style.