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Rules of office clothing

2017-01-20 07:42:05 | 826

 The way we dress at work, is an important element of the overall image, which we create into our colleagues mind. Shoes, clothes, accessories and makeup build our vision that we create in the workplace. Whatever you think, appearance is always something that makes impression. That is why there are a few rules of style in the office, which is good to know. And here they are:

1. Dress yourself according to your work 

Yes, fashion is important, but more important is your clothing to comply with your workplace. If it is a conservative place, you better bet on the classics - skirt, shirt, suit, etc. And if the workplace is with more casual atmosphere, you can choose a stylish blouse and jeans. Still, whatever the place is it is always better to avoid typical sportswear.

2. Dress yourself good - every day

Never show up poorly dressed, even once. It is important to have good matched and well-ironed clothes, always. If every morning you are in a hurry and sometimes you just put on the first thing you see, it might be a good idea to think about your outfit earlier and prepare it from the evening. So you will be always on time and well dressed.

3. Lengths and sizes, be careful with them

Mini dresses and skirts that makes you look amazing, are not a good idea and the right choice for the office environment. Short lengths have no place to office. Instead of skirt, better bet on pencil type trousers that can combine with a beautiful blouse.

 4. Necklines

Always be careful with necklines, if you want your colleagues to look on you as a professional. Such as short skirts, also deep necklines are not suitable for the workplace. However, most likely you prefer to be judged about your qualities and professionalism, not how you dress.

5. Shoes

Do not underestimate the shoes as part of the office style. Shoes exactly, are often the very first thing that others notice. Choose carefully what model to put on not only because of style, but also how comfortable it is, do not forget, you will wear them all day. Remember that, you should never wear flip-flops at your work. They may be comfortable and allows your feet to "breathe" during the warmer months, but certainly are not a good choice for an office environment. Not only unpleasant but it is annoying and funny to slap with them around the office.

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