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How to wear sexy high boots

2017-01-20 10:20:12 | 1048

 For all the ladies, having long and sexy legs, we have prepared several super modern chic proposals that could shine at the next party with the girls. Party girls or not, you are advised to take some ideas from the next top trends for fall-winter 2016. So this winter definitely on a pedestal are womens boots with a thin but long and elegant heels covering along the legs, even passing above the knee.


Certainly such a vision is too bold and not everyone can afford to go out that way, but we say  that everything in measure is fine. If you carefully choose other touches of vision, such cutting-edge high boots can make you stand out from the crowd in a very positive way.


And so we present you a few ideas which to combine pairs of  leather boots.There is always a good idea to combine fashion boots with a short leather skirt, no matter of the season, you always will be a hit. And if you worry that you can not shine with boots in the summer, there is a solution for that. As an ideal option of the skirt is a ballerina’s skirt.


Another fresh proposal which fits with your new boots to thigh is skintight leggings or denim shorts. Fashion trends for winter 2016/2017 direct our attention to cotton fabrics with attractive floral patterns. So do not be afraid to grab a fresh dress in chic design, in a grassy green color of sweet flowers. The green is one of the main trendy colors of the season. All leading fashion gurus advise to experiment boldly and not be afraid to be different every day!


In addition to all of that, if you are wondering which fashion icons lay down on those boots, here are a few names - Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez. Furthermore, they prove that it is very sexy and not excessively to wear those long boots even during the day.


Whatever you choose as a concomitant clothing to the high boots – you will look great because, they are a great accent that will not go unnoticed. It perfectly matched with a dress with long sleeves or jeans and leggings. And why not, to bet on them and on the New Years Eve for a super sexy and challenging festive vision? Be bold and daring and mostly be yourself!