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Handbag according to the zodiac sign

2017-01-20 07:25:18 | 1814

 Your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your character, but it also might make you better understand your style. So, if you decide to buy a new handbag, take a look on your horoscope?



You love to be in the center of attention and it definitely seems from your accessories. You love to stand out from the crowd and thats why the best model for you are bags with bright colors and interesting details.



You like to make an impression in a more modest way. The best choice for you are feminine and delicate colors that could be combined with most of the clothes in your wardrobe. You love well-crafted and high quality things and it’s not a problem for you to spend more for them.



Women of this sign are simply unpredictable. Once you lay down on the classics, but on the next day you want something more extravagant. The best option for you is a bag with neutral colors, which has various interesting details, however.



You are a traditionalists and you appreciate the style that has stood the time. You like quality and classic. Suitable bag for you is a classic leather bag with a long chain.You can wear it both, day and night.



When we talk about style, you can not allow anyone to outshine you. Although you sometimes overdo with the accessories, you are determined to bring a large dose of glamor, even in your daily lives.



You have got your daily uniform that never give you up. It is not very coquette but you feel very well and comfortable into your skin all the time. The most suitable model for you is a large bag of leather in neutral color.



Your color is definitely blue and models with nice design will attract the attention. You like the experiments, too. So the different colors and sizes can depend on your mood.



You are a living proof that black could not be boring. You like dark colors, but you don’t have troubles to try more irregular models.



You are adventurous person, but you are not fans of eclecticism. Lay down on handbags, other than brown and black, but not too bright and with lot of details. Suitable colors for you are purple and pastel colors.



You are the personification of the style. You appreciate highly the luxury, quality and leather, but the labels are not so important for you. You are prone to invest much in the perfect bag, but know that you can wear it for years.



The opinion of other people do not excite you, especially if it is relates to your fashion decisions. You can choose the most extravagant models and you will be proud of your choice, just because you like it.



You are freedom-loving and lay down on unexpected textures and bold styles. You like blue-green range, so your favorite shade for accessories and jewelry is exactly turquoise. This applies even more for bags

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