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What color of clothes to lay down on a job interview

2017-01-20 10:32:22 | 3584

 There are shades of colors that are not a good idea to wear on a job interview, because they can send wrong messages.


A survey was made between employees and managers in the departments "Human Resources" of big companies and they were asked the question "What color is the most appropriate for a job interview?". According to the results most of them responded that they would hire a candidate wearing blue clothes.  The most inadvisable color is the orange one. And heres what messages the other colors leave.


Blue - the most popular and stylish choice

According to the participants in the survey, the shades of blue are among the most preferred. This color of clothing shows that a person is responsible and confident in their skills. The dark blue gives them confidence.


Black – leadership qualities

The classic black suit would be a good choice on interviews for high leadership positions. Black is the second most popular color after the blue. It is on the top of "authoritative scale" according to the experts of colors. It means it is perfect for work, requiring managers skills. But this color is not very suitable for creative people.


Gray - a safe choice

If you lay down on clothes which are gray, you will suggest an idea that you are a person with analytical and logical thought. This color is often underestimated, but it is suitable for a job interview in almost every sphere. If you apply for a position, where having imagination is important, lay down to a grey suit, and add some colorful accessories.


White - attention to detail and organization

If you are perfectionists and want to point it out, lay down on clothes in white. This color indicates that you are arranged and organized  and do your job in the best possible way. A suit which is all in white, might be a little far-fetched, but a white jacket or a classic white shirt are perfect.


Yellow and purple -  only for artistic areas


The experts advice you to hold on more neutral and safe colors when you apply for a job in the most popular areas. Do not hesitate to choose a bold color, if you are a creative person and apply for such a position. Yellow color indicates creativity and optimism and the purple one sends a message that you are unique and artistic.


Red - strength, but in a negative sense 

In any occasion you will be noticed in this color, and you will look like a brave person. In most cases, managers believe that aggressive red color is too dominant. There are exceptions, of course. If you apply in the law area, you can lay down on clothes in red, because sometimes the aggressiveness is considered as a plus.

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