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What outerwear must we have in our wardrobe

2017-01-20 11:35:26 | 4176

 When the winter is coming, our first investment must be a really nice coat. It is important to be comfortable, fashionable and to make us feel good because we wear it every day. Here are the models which worth to have.


Classic coat

Long or short, classic double-breasted coat is absolutely necessary for every business woman, and elegant urban lady, too. The combination with slim jeans, an interesting scarf and boots with thick heels is both comfortable and super modern this season. If you have a coat in black, for example, this season lay down on a new model in dark blue, burgundy or soft beige.



That may not be exactly the coat, which is most suitable for winter but it is ideal for late autumn and early spring. There is nothing better than this classic model that can be found in a variety of shades. It is suitable for transitional seasons, and it is easy to be combine with your other clothes.



Womens parka is inspired by the polar regions and is slightly thicker than the classic anorak. Usually it is offered in military colors with fluffy hood, which makes it the perfect coat for everyday and weekend, because it can be combined even with sneakers.


Fluffy jacket

These jackets are very popular in our country and there is a good reason for that. Sometimes even a thick coat can not save us when the temperatures outside are much below zero, but we still have to go out. This jacket is ideal for women with spors style. It is waterproof, with a hood on it, and some models have a belt at the waist.


Wrap coat

Sometimes there are not so cold days in the winter. When the sun timidly appears from the clouds and the temperature allows more light clothing, the wrap coat is the perfect choice. This year we see many celebrities to lay down on variation of poncho and coat, because they can complete their vision in a very casual but chic way.


Fur coat

Who said that you can’t feel chic in the winter? The fur coat is perfect for special occasions. It is a great way to complement almost every elegant dress. If you combine it with low boots with studs for example, you will get a great rock chic look and you will be noticed by everyone!

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